date: 2014,Nov
    client: TaiwanTech
    size: 594*841cm
    This project is focused on  the visual of symposium in Taiwan tech,this topic is about the communicating and the information delivery by design research.
    I use the acrylic color to present the flow of visual and contact with the speaker led to change. The face on the plane is composed of three elements eyes,mouth and nose.These elements resemble clues on the poster that makes the subject trend to find out the face on it. Researching is always the first step for design analysis because designer wants to find out what elements can be use to fit their task and than they take action.By combining the research and action the poster deliver the idea by visualizing the interaction.
  • TEST: acrylic color
    Acrylic color has a special feature that  can clearly shows the flow of mixing colors. I tried to minimize the colors into the simplest  two:blue and yellow. The color reflects the strongest contrast but blended in harmony, just like the speaker and the student in symposium, they can exchange their thought and communicate with each other. Both two make the symposium with great influence.