• For this project we conducted a set of three posters / flyers. Oriented awareness and education of civil society. The posters have content in line with the 3M project Lipor; Understood by the following objectives: less carbon (menos carbono), less consumption (menos consumo) and more climate (mais clima).
    The posters feature a graphic line that takes a simple and direct identity, organized in a clear
    information hierarchy so as to communicate and attract the public.
    The front features the poster with the themes and subjects, in the back features the same subjects and
    selected information. Thus we find the interactive component, in that the poster (divided into 8 equal parts by perforation) fail to have only a display function. The public may cut and stick with an informational flyer. We chose to break up this poster and its leaf "double" in order to facilitate the transmission of information and avoid an exclusively informative and extremely heavy poster.
    Another parameter which was taken into account was the impression and the quality of paper used. In order to honor the values promoted, the posters were thought the most environmentally friendly manner. We intend that the choice of paper and printing, can be less costly environmentally responsible. We use information from a
    survey on the expenditure of each printer for choosing this.
  • Thank you for appreciate :)