Who Cares - Macau Social Issues Art Exhibition

  • 關心社會,是現代公民的義務與責任,藝術家作為社會的一份子,也責無旁貸。是次《關我事》藝術作品展邀請了二十位本澳藝術家們,透過創作來表達自己關心的社會議題,範圍不限,創作方法不限,可以是視覺藝術如畫畫、攝影或裝置,又可以以文字、行為藝術等的形式表現。展覽希望能透過藝術家們的作品與觀眾交流,引發大家關懷社會現象的討論,藝術是橋樑,成為溝通的載體。
    As members of society, artists have duties and responsibilities to care for society. This year, “Who Cares” – Macau Social Issues Art Exhibition has invited 20 local artists to create, through different approaches and media, artworks of varied forms that present their views on societal issues. The exhibits include works of visual arts like painting, photography and installation, as well as creations of texts and performance art. It’s our hope that the artworks can interact with viewers, prompting them to care for society, as art is a bridge and also a medium for communication.