FLUX // Singapore's Architecture as a Kaleidoscope

  • This project series is based on Singapore's Architectural Building that translates the idea of transitional change. Lau Pa Sat hawker centre was the main inspiration behind FLUX. 

    Lau Pa Sat // the story & research
    I was amazed at how a hawker centre could look so traditional yet modern, giving off a unique experience with lightings from the surrounding cityscapes. The juxtaposition between the busy city and the traditional hawker centre helped in deriving the concept of old vs. new. Standing in the center of Lau Pa Sat, everything looks symmetrical due to its octagonal architecture—and this reminded me of kaleidoscope. Lau Pa Sat has gone through a transitional change, from a wet market to a hawker center. Its architecture is an octagonal shape that has a symbolical meaning of regenaration, rebirth and transition­—which is what Singapore is experiencing, a transitional change.
  • Concept of Symmetry & Kaleidoscope // the inspiration
  • Concept of Juxtaposition // the idea of old vs. new
  • Hence, 
    FLUX // Singapore's Architecture as a Kaleidoscope is a project that consists of photographic manipulation, which captures the myriad architectural styles located in Singapore. It shows the development and change that Singapore went through, forming a constantly changing kaleidoscope. The photographs embrace the urban experience of past and present, high and low, traditional and modern; translating the idea of change.
    It demonstrates the transitional change and development in Singapore through the architecture, allowing the audience to have an urban experience. The pictures also show the juxtaposition of old and new to provide visuals of differences in the architectures now and then.
    Branding // the meaning behind FLUX
    [noun] to have a continuous change;
    passage; movement 
    Logo // design concept & implementation
    FLUX // Singapore's Architecture as a Kaleidoscope
  • Publication // 150mm x 150mm book
    Exhibition // works exhibited at..
    Noise Singapore 2015 Festival Exhibition
    Featured // works featured in..
    Noisefeed Issue #6 (Noise Singapore)