• livestock clothing  boutique 
    Live stock is a street wear boutique located in Vancouver  British Columbia and Toronto Ontario.  I created this identity / branding package for livestock for a class called death match at Creative Circus. I wanted the design to reflect the natural landscape of   British Columbia , and  wanted to give the design a contemporary western rustic  feel. Playing off the name livestock, i used different visual metaphors to represent the brand, such as creating a cattle brand, using different wood burning and embossing techniques to achieve desired effects, as if the wood were stamped with a hot iron brand, the business cards and hang tags were embossed , and the bag is screen printed, and on the website above the header i created different symbols to represent each page. 

    This project was completed within a very short period of time, ( 3 days from beginning to completion. Included is a lookook, hang tag, business card, website, and bag. 

    Photography & Design ; Dawson Beggs
    please contact me with any comments / questions  / work inquiries or  a post below.
  • I designed the project by first considering the name of the company. Livestock doesn't really play into their name as much as i thought they could and so i designed the project to reflect rustic nature in british columbia, as well as put a contemporary western twist on it.