Detroit City

    Detroit is facing some huge challenges for the future and this requires change if we want to stop the negative stories and writings that mostly surrounds the city. Let’s focus on “The Good story” instead, and start sharing them with each other.
    The project aims to revitalize and shoot new energy into the city with a new identity. It symbolizes renewal and unity, but also conveys its history and cultural contributions to the American people.
    The city’s wide range of cultural offerings and many nationalities are reflected in a colorful universe with graphic elements that tells and supports this. Now the citizens of Detroit must stand together and claim back their city and together make it raise once again.
    It's important that the visual identity is flexible and can operate in different cultural contexts; such as entertainment, theater and sports, while being neutral and serious, for example when receiving regular mails and bills etc.
    In the general US population, the new re-branded Detroit creates curiosity and a renewed interest in the city, its history and possibilities. The colors and graphic elements act as eye-catchers and show that Detroit stands for renewal and unity.

    This is the case i did for my final exam at The School of Visual Communication in Haderslev, Denmark.