The Shakink Project Exhibition

  • Shakink is a design project/ exhibition combining graphic design and cocktails! Twenty Greek creative agencies and freelancers designed their own posters from which metamatic:taf’s bartenders draw inspiration and created twenty different cocktails. Poster and cocktail share the same name and character. On event's opening Silk Bastards printed t-shirt with patterns especially created for INK Project.Exhibition. Moreover, myfashionfruit and Luv&Roll | One love Tattoo Studio transfered their creations in two specially rearranged rooms, where people had the opportunity to see their goodies!
    The event's atmosphere was Blues Rock.
    The brief for each designer was to create a poster based on the following keywords and name their poster and cocktail.
    The keywords were: 
    • 1960/1970
    • American Bars
    • Blues Rock Music
    • Ice
    • Neon Signs
    • Surf Music
    People at the exhibition were watching the twenty posters and had to choose which cocktail they'll drink based on their favorite poster. It was a pleasant experiment on how graphic design can be combined with alcohol.
    A menu was created especially for the Shakink Project in which people can see both posters and cocktails and order their drink. For the Shakink project, an animated video was created to promote the event. Also, we recorded a video-documentary in which you can watch shots from the big opening! The Shakink Project took part in Athens, Greece on May 18th. 
    Hope you like it!
  • Posters | Cocktails
  • The Cocktail Menu | Editorial Design by Corn Studio
  • The Shakink Project
    Moderation: INK Project.Exhibition & Corn Studio
    Animation Video: 
    Concept & Art Direction: Constantinos Kilaris 
    Animation: Constantinos Kilaris 
    Character Design: Alexis Visvinis
    Illustrations: Kostas Papanestis
    Music Score: Kostas Visvinis
    Sound Design: Giannis Andritsopoulos
    Voice: Paris Lykos
    Copywriter: Frosso Tsipopoulou
    Anna Kalozoumi
    John Chatzistavris
    Documentary Video:
    Corn Studio
    Exhibition's Branding:
    Corn Studio
    Editorial Design:
    Corn Studio
    Alati Design Atelier
    Andreas Deskas
    Chris Trivizas
    Corn Studio
    Cursor Design Studio
    Dimitra Karagianni
    Eri Liougkou
    George Tsavalos
    John Noussis
    Kalia Apostolidou
    Katerina Angelikaki
    Katerina Miliaraki
    Maria Kozari Mela
    Marios Georntamilis
    Mikaela Argyriadou
    Natalia Chatzidimitriou
    Stavros Damos
    Thalassinos Anastasiou
    Thanasis Kamenidis
    Tommaso Taraschi
    Silkscreen Printing:
    Silk Bastards