Dal Negro - Dinoquiz

  • Dal Negro,an Italian company producing various kinds of playing cards, introduced its new interactive quiz game, Dinoquiz, a lovely card game with an aim of educating children about dinosaurs, their habits and their characteristics. It’s the first time the company used A-R in its history, and they’ve already created a huge buzz, becoming one of the pioneers for traditional game makers using Augmented Reality.  
    The game consists of two players asking each other for the name of the dinosaur that matches the black silhouettes on the playing cards.
    Then the player scans the colorful backsides of the card with Junaio to see if they guessed right. Correct answers allow players to see additional information about the dinosaur. Statistics about the dinosaur are shown and the prehistoric creature starts to move across the card.
    The dinosaur comes to life, once more!
    This game provides a beautiful experience for both children and their parents.

  • Credits:
    Client: Dal Negro 
    Project Art Direction: Federico Giuliani & Andrea Bax
    Graphics & Illustrations: Federico Giuliani
    Motion Graphics & Interactive Design: Andrea Bax
    Photography: Isabella Vacchi
    Augment Reality Support: Junaio www.junaio.com
    Video: Trecentotre www.trecentotre.it