Menoe Grotesque typeface

    Menoe Grotesque is a monospaced typeface, inspired by an old Continental typewriter.
    I analised the serif typeface in this machine and drew my own sans serif version, keeping in mind the typewriter traditions. This typeface is a 10 Pitch font:if you set 10 letters in 12 Points size, it will be 10 Pitch (1 inch) wide.
    Menoe Grotesque is rich in OpenType features:
    Alternative characters in 3 different sets, Hybrid figures, Basic superiors and fractions, up to the basic ligatures Menoe contains ll, ii, il, li and smiley ligatures too, dutch localised ij and ij acute ligatures, Romanian and Turkish variations, Case sensitive forms, Ordinals, Small capitals, all small capitals (also for cyrillic and greek scripts)

    Menoe Grotesque is available
    in two styles (Regular and Italic) and in two character sets (Pro and Standard)
    from Hungarumlaut Type Foundry.
    For more information, testing and downloading please visit our website.