Green Choice

  • Insight
    Producing a product, any product, from high end smartphones to fruits generates environmental damage that harm our planet.
    Although more and more companies are claiming they are “going green.”
    Overexploitation is still a big factor that needs to be greatly reduced.
    This issue is not something we can leave for governments or NGOs to deal with - it’s no longer someone else’s responsibility.
    So how do we inspire a new generation to understand that we all have an impact on our planet and an effect on it’s health?

    We target where the always on generation could make a green choice.

    Simply hover the mouse over any brand, or a product name and your cursor will tell you if the product is green or not green. If the product is green, white hand shows up and turn into green.
  • A simple infographic system that processes eco level information to help people identify green products from non-green products.
  • Other Inspiration
    To inspire others offline, we even go outdoor and attach the symbolic green hand on eco-friendly businesses.