• Wolly-Willy 2014
    Puzzle game  for iOS and Android
  • Besiegement 2014
    Tower Defense for iOS and android
  • Castle Arena 2014
    PVP strategy for iOS and android 

  • Sheep Challenge
    Physics-Based iOS game

    Save the sheep! Help sheep jump over the river, rescue as many of them as you can and become the best sheep savior in the world!!! 

    Nyxbull Synergy Software S.r.o. 2013
  • Logical Chain 2013
    iOS and android puzzle game
  • Alien Escape 2012
    Tower defense for iOS and android

    Alien space ship crashed on Earth and now alien creatures are trying to gather what is left after crash and build  new ship to go back home. Stop them before they call for new forces!!!
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