Zazie nel metró. | Hybrid novel

  •  Zazie nel metró . | Hybrid novel
  • My Major Project is a graphic remediation of of Raymond Queneau's famous novel. 
    The project consists of the creation of a visual paper book that, without altering or reducing the content, can facilitate and extend its readability and interpretation. 
    This experimentation takes shape through the realization of the visual edition of Zazie nel metrò of Raymond Queneau, pilot project for a new approach of self-produced hybrid-novels. The project development consists of deconstruction of the book as object according to its intrinsic structure, its tones and colours, its rhythms and lines and the images: the final book becomes a space where the words emerge from their visual silence due to the graphic project.
    The last rather ambitious purpose, besides revaluing the traditional fascination of the printed book, is to re-evaluate the fascination and the maturity of the self-produced project. 
    Who decides to self-produce has no constraints, is free from restrictions and stereotypes dictated by the mainstream and is able to loose his or her creativity. This is a crucial point for the re-evaluation and re-mediation of the paper book, often thrown into crisis by the logics of the large-scale industrial production.
    Hence, the project addresses primarily digital native readers, without sex, age or any other social distinction, who are used to a different visual approach.
    Zazie nel metrò, a project prototype for experimental self-production and self-publishing, a new proposal for the traditional book industry, intends to emphasize and give value to the link between text and container.