• P Y R A M I D

     My quarter year project was to design a solar lamp for a competition. It had to include the same ideology and electronic components like the Little Sun has - this is a lamp that already exists for African  regions where people live without electricity.
     Over the function and the aesthetics I also had to count with the producibleness (for example: the object couldn't be more than € 4 and 300 g ) .
     On the other hand I thought my lamp should reflect the Little Sun's philosophy. The concept of the lamp was based on one of Olafur Eliasson's erlier installations, the 'Eye See You', so I decided my design will connect his works too.

    more information: http://www.littlesun.com/
  •  My main thought was I want to give them magic, when I realized that the only lamp for the African regions existing without electricity is Little Sun which is capable of offering not only functionality but also a clear message and emotions to the users thereof. My intention was to give magic to the users and to demonstrate that the life-giving light can also delight without decorative elements and without limiting the utilitiy of the object.
     I decided to create a kaleidoscope-like optic illusion which is made of light-reflecting surfaces and one LED form in switched-off and switched-on mode too.
     The pyramid, which incorporates all these things, is made of a closed, static shape which is more difficult to get hurt and besides it also evokes the Egyptian sun cult by drawing an analogy between the transition of the transcendent and the real world and the lamp which links light and dark. In addition to that, the pyramid shape makes the object a fistful "palm-object" so that children can alson easily put it into their hands and, thanks to its peak, it also enlightens the visual cone without any movable components only by placint the object at the top of the head.
     I also integrated on the object two strap holes with a removable strap the length of which can be fixed thus adding more possibilities to the placement of the object. The pyramid, in its basic state, lights by full force, however, it gives a lower light by being pushed sidelong, so the brilliance can be controlled without any additional and thus vulnerable component.
     In order for making easily identifiable and usable in a switched-off mode in the darkness too, the triangle-shaped switch was covered with fluorescent substance.
     This can be colored and be made from recyclable plastic cheaply.
     The evergreen pyramid shape is accompanied by big interest across the world, therefore my object, which symbolizes the unity for the sake of the less wealthy and poor people, also aims the global market.
  • The first model
  • Consultant: Balázs Püspök
    Softwares: Rhino 3D, Keyshot 5.0, Photshop CS6, Illustrator CS6, Premiere CS6, After Effects CS6
    Special thanks: Viktor Attila Fodor
    Designed, modelled & rendered by Annabella Hevesi