It's Only Rock 'N' Roll

  • Brief: As part of a university project, we were given the task to design the identify and promotion a major exhibition entitled 'It's Only Rock'N'Roll', which was to be held at The Victoria and Albert Museum. The deliverables should be both print and digital designs and should reflect on the music, design and fashion in rock and roll culture. 

    Audience: Mainly music lovers who have interest in its visual side as well. Also, common visitors of exhibitions. 

    Solution: As key visuals to hold the campaign together, characters have been designed, based on rock and pop musicians’ faces. A simple shape has been used as basis for the pictograms. The flexibility and adaptiveness of the design allows it to be applied not only to the exhibition’s advertising, but also to a bload variety of merchandise and collectable items.
    The typeface “Primitiv” was hand-drawn to establish a more unified visual language. Currently, the typeface is being developed further with Cyrillic, ligatures and diacritics being added.
    Mailers in the shape of concert tickets. In the golden days of rock ‘n‘ roll music, tickets used to be beautifully designed, and often were collected by rock fans.