Kulturhavn Festival 2015

  • Proposal for The Copenhagen Harbour Festival.
    It’s a summer harbour festival in the heart of Copenhagen.
  • To me Kulturhavn is forms, feelings, shapes, styles, and personality that meet together. Kulturhavn means colours which collide, changes, plasticity, activities, games, entertainment, real culture, coveted cultures, toil, sweat, exercise, emotions, love, effusions, melting, dissolving inhibitions, social obligation and conventional bonds. An expansion of colours, a blend of different emotions that arise, creating alliances and meetings, in three days of dance, music, theater, art, sports events, on land and water. Kulturhavn is Love in doing, is love for feeling good together, by learning at the same time new disciplines. Kulturhavn is what it is thanks to the people and a waterway that divides but that unites as well, you want to have fun being comfortable with the world. It is made for people by people. So why not creating forms that become bodies and objects that give life to the festival. These reflections have led to the splash of colour. Without giving particular attention the image would look like an abstract painting but at a closer look you will be able to see the first elements…First of all, the watercourse, the main element of the festival, everything revolves around it. Then we will notice in the corners a guitar and a piano, which refer to the music festival. We will see a juggler, two young people playing volleyball, a dancer who becomes a swimmer, splash and more spash of colour, synonyms of a multiform and multi-coloured festival. Yes, because Kulturhanv is versatile, eclectic, multi-faceted, multi-colour, multi-ethnic, and multi-cultural. The human (coloured spots that become people) is coloured, it is summer, it is life...and it expands every year more and more like a splash of colour, and “splash” is the sound of the water!