Teatrando #5

  • Teatrando is an international gathering of school theatre organised by TnE – Teatro na Escola and TEBAS – Escola Básica 2/3 de Sobrado.

    By its 5th edition, we were invited to create an interactive book for the promotional video based on the poster (previously created by Atelier d'Alves). The main references were the colours, the circles and the funny chairs with their five legs!


  • Single piece.
    Hand-cut paper book.
    All pieces cut and assembled by hand.

    Poster design Atelier d'Alves
    Commission Teatrando 
    Direction and edition Diana Barnabé and Estaminé Studio
    Camera operation Cláudio Barbosa
    Book-object design Estaminé Studio
    Book-object manipulation Magda Cavadas
    Dimensions 30 x 38,5 cm