Book Covers

  • Book covers for make-believe novels!
    I had fun using color and composition to allude to a story.
    - - -
    Jungle Mystery by Fleur Moss
    inspired by "The Woman In The Dunes" by Kobo Abe
    A man goes missing after a stroll in the jungle goes awry.
  • - - -
    In A Pickle by Sue Fowhie
    A murder mystery surrounding a housewife who murders to protect her marriage.
    Sue Fowhie is an anagram of the word Housewife
  • The idea of preserving a marriage in a pickle jar.
  • - - -
    Nature Handbook
    A handbook for the urban man who decides to ditch the city and
    embrace the lush greenery outside of his concrete world.
  • Nature Handbook was selected for the
    2015 Society of Illustrators Student Competition,
    and will be showing in New York from May 6 - 30th!
  • thanks for reading!