Lisbon Pride Parade

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    This posters' collection was made for the 16th Lisbon Pride Parade,
    in Portugal.
    However, this wasn't the winning submission.

    The image was developed with the purpose of representing the
    "breaking the silence" and taking a stand. Thus, we decided to use
    the colors of the LGBT flag and we created a set of posters which
    not only reflects the continuous fight for rights equality, but also
    shows pride, optimism, determination and confidence in a free future, without any kind of violence or prejudice. Besides, the diversity and multiplicity of voices that want to be heard are represented through
    the 6 versions of the same poster. The intention was to use the
    6 versions together, as if they were one.
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    Thanks for watching!

    Be Happy, Be Proud
    and feel free to appreciate the project!