Giaza Pro | Font

  • Giaza Pro Typeface

    Didot Typeface with large application, containing 650 characters

    190 Character Swashes - Limitless letter combinations for consistent balance
    Everted & Inverted Alternates - A variety of themes to ensure suitability (Restaurants, Hotels etc.)
    Discretionary Ligatures - A style in keeping with the Swashes
    Ornaments - A variety of Art Deco Glyphs to assist the aesthetics of the typeface
    Oldstyle Numeral Alternates - More suitable when used with lowercase letters
    Fractions & Ordinals
    Standard Alternates

  • Giaza Pro is a multilingual typeface to suit many applications, Editorial, Weddings, Restaurants etc. Most suitable as a display font, the main focus was to include as many indulgent aspects as possible, with 190 swashes for example, without compromising the legibility. With smooth curves and subtle indentations it's a very Fashion conscious typeface. Thanks! Check out more

    Swashes (190 Character Swashes)
  • Regular & Stencil
  • Alternates
  • Standard Ligatures
  • Discretionary Ligatures
  • Regular & Oldstyle Numerals
  • Inverted & Everted Alternates
  • Ornaments

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