• Once upon a time in a land far far away there lived a wise and kind ruler named Mother Nature.
    She lived in a beautiful castle that was surrounded by green forest and field. The villagers, which were mainly farmers, always wear bright and warm colored outfit. Therefore the kingdom was called Warm Kingdom.
    One day, Mother Nature sensed a danger that could take away the colour of the world.This powerful creature would come from a city across the kingdom. The city was called Cool City because it was filled with many cool colored creatures, skyscrapers, and tall buildings. One by one, the citizens of cool city begun to lost their color and became soulless. Thus, to stop this calamity, Mother Nature asked her loyal and trusted right-hand man, Arjunos Chocolatos with his destined partner, Sricandy Berrylicious to save the world.
    She also gave them a paired necklace that held the power to awaken her most beloved daughter, Sewi.
    With her magical brush and palette, she could give color to the people who lost it. 

    Mandy’s failed creation because he doesn’t have any color. Has the ability to absorb colors through his eye. 
  • . . .
  • SEWI
    Mother Nature’s only daughter. Has the ability to give colors with her magic brush. 
    Can only activate her power near arjunos and sricandy.
  • . . .
    Mother Nature’s right-hand man. 
  • . . .
    Arjunos Chocolatos’s partner.
  • . . .
    A clumsy and mad scientist. Poodoo and kameramera’s creator
  • . . .
    Mandy’s neighbor. Cool city’s top fashion designer. Kameramera’s first victim.
  • . . .
    Mandy’s first succcessful creation and personal maid.
  • . . .

    Poodoo & kameramera © Lorenz Basuki & Hellen mores
    Mandy © Lorenz Basuki
    Gummie © Gloria Abigail
    Sricandy Berrylicious & Arjunos Chocolatos © Fierrany Halita
    Sewi © Nathania Tan
    World © Fierrany Halita

    Animator & Layout
    Gloria Abigail

    Nathania Tan & Fierrany Halita