Hot Wheels Super Charged Chess Set

  • Hot Wheels Super Charged Chess Set
    The HOT WHEELS SUPER CHARGED CHESS SET began as a response to Kevin O’Callaghan’s chess set assignment. Inspired by the classic toy and its iconic orange track, the set is assembled from plastic
    segments that can be reconfigured in any arrangement. Two teams of HOT WHEELS cars battle head-to-head. Piece values are determined by the rarity of the vehicles; kings are classic hot rods, and queens modern supercars, while pawns are ordinary sedans.
  • Assembly
    The HOT WHEELS board is assembled of custom-built styrene track segments. The pieces are interchangeable and can be combined into a classic chess set grid, or rearranged to form any track imaginable.
  • Hot Wheels Super Charged Package
    Pulling influence from the original 1968 series of hotwheels cars and their plastic cases, the HOT WHEELS SUPER CHARGED PACKAGE is a monument to all things enthraling about the classic racing toy. Flashy copy and dramatic illustrations coat the front and sides of the box, while the backside features a roster of the pieces included, as well as a number of strategic chess openings.

  • Silk Screened Commemorative Posters