The Exploration Project

  • T H E    E X P L O R A T I O N    P R O J E C T
    Graduation Project.
    Mēmémě as a group of three is the curator and also the publisher of this project who decided to come out an exploration kit with the concept of "Self-Exploration". This project aims to act one of the platforms for everyone to show his/her ability and discover his/her hidden talents.
    With the concept of "Exploration", we explored with different types of printing methods to print on different paper materials
    in order to achieve individual outcomes on every single exploration. Nevertheless, hands-on is the method being emphasized in this project.
  • The book comes with a set of exploration kit, including a guide book which has a list of experiments, tutorials, tasks and some useful guidances to help you to complete the task.
  • The book cover was silkscreen printed with rubber fluorescent ink perfectly by hand.
  • Mixed with different types of paper material.

  • E X H I B I T I O N   &   E V E N T

    We set up an exhibition and #Exploration No:30 Your Imaginary Creature 's event to spread and share our thoughts, simultaneously, a platform for us to promote our publication and interact with our lovely readers.
    F E A T U R E D

    This project has been featured on IdN v22n5: Promotion & Production Feature
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