MyFruit - Application for Microsoft Surface

  • MyFruit - An Interactive Smoothie Bar
    by Konstantin Klamka, Julia Makhaeva and Benny Thomä

    The application MyFruit realized the idea of using the Microsoft Surface within gastronomy. With MyFruit it is possible to mix up individual cocktails in an interactive collaborative way.
  • Further details on the project
    2 weeks (Conception, Screendesign, Programming)

    Technology: Microsoft Surface SDK, C#, XAML, WPF
    Usage: Gastronomy, Bar, Club,
    CooperationT-System MMS, TU Dresden, HTW Dresden, Rauschenbach
  • Concept Video
    A short demonstration
  • Interaction and Gestures
    Individual selection, collaborative gestures, matching visualization and the animated start screen.
  • Scribbles & Illustrations
    Several thougts made during the work process
  • Documentation
    A small booklet that gives some insight to the conceptional process