Taiwan good fruit

  • Taiwan good fruit

    client: Taiwan local Farmer
    size: 9*16*9cm


    Taiwan is an small island which surrounded by sea has its unique weather and  condition to make fruit grows well .Each season has its target fruit ,here are four  famous fruit crisps in Taiwan, and the reason why you must try is that the fruit is not only tasty  but also has special stories. Our origin idea is about the connecting of land and local farm. With good soil, good farmer and good weather condition we can enjoy the fruit feast in one crisp gift box. A box of fruit crisp is a good way to preserve the flavor of the fruit and extend the limit of the food preserving time. These four fruits are famous for special taste of sugariness so I picked up these four kinds of fruits and find out the secret of the fruits. So welcome to enjoy the snacks and read the stories behind the package that will help the local farmer developing the local agriculture.
    Each side of the package is the seasonal transition of the fruit produced time: spring: cantaloupe, summer: pineapple, autumn: apple, winter: tangerine. If you put these four packages into the box you will see the fruit's processions of seeding to harvest it means there are always good fruits to eat in any time in Taiwan. Furthermore inside the packages there are letters contained which talks about the growing environment behind the fruit, the information also explain the growing process of the fruit.