Superspace Gallery Corporate Identity

  • Superspace gallery is multidisciplinary gallery which studies and presents art, design, photography, architecture and sculpture as it's primary sections.

  • Logo - word superspace has 2 S, so we get double S, S on square
    Used colors are blue and grey, blue - gallery is situated on the Sava river, grey - everywhere around it is concrete, and it's locate in the Concrete Hall
  • Newspaper Ad
  • Telop
  • Wall Calendar - Each month represents an art movement, also each season of the year.
  • Leaflet - for an imaginary exhibition of lights
  • Memorandum
  • Folder
  • Business Cards
  • Packaging paper
    Paper Bag
  • Billboard
  • Bookmarkers
    Small Calendars
  • Small Poster
  • Invitation Cards
    Notebook, papers
  • This is how logo look on the building (gallery)
  • Annual Report
  • Poster