LEVIS Faucet Concept

  • A new way to wash your hands.
    With an integrated touch surface,
    LEVIS faucet is controlled by
    intuitive hand gestures. Visual feedback
    is provided by subtle LED backlights.
  • Taking inspiration from nature, the design of LEVIS
    was heavily influenced by the organic shapes of leaves
    and grass blades, by the fluid, controllable motion of water
    and by the self-cleaning properties of the Lotus flower.
  • Bathroom hygiene played an important role
    in the design and the execution of LEVIS.

    The idea was to create a faucet with no moving
    parts and with clear and intuitive controls.
    One-handed use is encouraged by an embedded
    touch surface and responsive LED feedback,
    which make LEVIS very intuitive and a joy to use.