UI/UX Wireframing "Sketchbook"

  • An assortment of wireframes, value models, and personas picked out from various current projects. Think of this as my UI/UX sketchbook!
  • Wireframes in progress.
  • Slides from a design proposal presentation.
  • Some sketching and process shot of wireframes.
  • Another design proposal presentation to stakeholders.
  • Value model for SharePlace, displays the relationship between target users and their values identified from user research.
  • First round of digital wireframes, there's a lot of refining to be done!
  • Another round of wireframing for SharePlace.
  • Another round of SharePlace wireframes, things are coming together. The following two images are part of this round as well.
  • This project is currently still in development, and this is the most recent round of wireframes.
    View Live Working Prototype | http://www.shareplace.us
  • Research campaign for a startup project, following images are some of sketches for the first round of wireframes.
  • The first round of rough wireframes, every project's gotta start somewhere...! This project is also currently in progress!
  • ABOVE | User model
    BELOW | Value model
  • ABOVE | Second round of wireframes for Campus Tradition, now called Campus Grounds and with a stronger focus on building the on campus student community through involvement as opposed to through traditions and school spirit.
  • Value model and target user relationships for an automatic electronic beer tap project (which is also currently in progress). This is more of an industrial design & user experience project, following two images are personas that were built from our research.
  • A new project, currently under development, but let's just say it's "for the bees!"