Vectra Construction

  • The Client:

    Vectra Construction, a English construction firm that, along with their regular contracts, also works special late night and over night shifts to urgently fix roads, public buildings, roadworks etc.


    Project Goals:
    To create a brand identity that showcases the company's name (the fact that vector coordinates inspired the name), and the fact that they work at night. They wanted something bold, clean and eye catching.

    The Solution: 

    As this was a very different project for me, I chose to use an entirely different skill set, that of corporate, mathematical design. Simple, connected to the brand and striking. The name 'Vectra' was inspired by vector coordinates in technical drawings used at the company's sites. The logo was created using the concept of vector coordinates and building construction. The following brand creation and collateral goes with the easy to reflect colour for building in the dark. All of the logo based items for instance the helmets, logo on the truck etc, glow in the dark as they are made from  phosphorescent material.