• One bag to replaces all bags.

    Pliego is the most representative product of Lo Esencial, a versatile bag with peerless functionality.
    Is easily adapt to whatever you want to store in it. Pliego design was conceived from a deep study on the origami technics and its functional enforcement in everyday objects. The result is a bag can be configured in three different ways. Just folding and creasing, Pliego adapts to any contents wants to carry, whether it's a laptop, tablet, documents or books, photographic equipment or just everyday objects, Pliego is the ideal bag to carry them.

    Designed by Adolfo Navarro for Lo Esencial Leather Brand.

  • Every product of Lo Esencial is manufactured with finest materials like genuine leather and natural wool by the best  mexican craftsmen.  The leather of Lo Esencial products is calf skin tanned with organic oils. This process gets as result leather that improves along time rather than deteriorate. Therefore the product changes with the use and tells its own story. 

    Pliego® is a registered and patented product.
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