• The Index Gallery was an experiment with
    the intention of exploring and translating the
    qualities of physical room in the digital realm. 
    While digital surfaces are two dimentional, they
    contain three dimentional space, and this project
    aimed to explore that space, with art exhitions
    as the the tool of exploration.
    Westerdals, 2014.
    The logo was built around the concept
    of perspectives, and how a set of randomly
    shaped squares are given new meaning when
    seen from a certain angle, much like a single 
    piece of art is given new meaning when 
    seen in an exhibition, ie. the context of
    other pieces of art
  • Large image view designed to mimic
    the way we move around an art piece
    to observe it vith different perspectives.
  • One of the strongest qualities of digital
    surfaces is that of being able to work in
    layers and display information at the users
    own wish. Hence, exstensive information
    about the piece only becomes comes
    visible when requested by the viewer. 
  • All art pieces are public domain and obtained at the National Gallery of Art.