Reviving The Past // Documentary

  • Capstone (Fall 2011)
    Oklahoma State University
    Canon 60D (Tamron 17-50mm F2.8 VC), After Effects, Illustrator, Soundbooth

    Reviving the Past is a short documentary featuring a local antique store called Antique Avenue, located in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. The store is owned and run by father and son Randy and Matt Parsons. Along with these two, their wives Judy and Beth, and fourteen others are dealers in the store.

    I had the privilege to sit down with Randy and learn more about what their store is all about. Randy discusses his passion for reviving pieces of history and preparing them to be reused or repurposed. He explains why people seem to love antiques sighting quality and uniqueness.

    Among the vast variety of items in their store, Randy's personal passion is fine jewelry. His lifelong passion has led to the creation of some very rare and unique pieces.

    The concept behind the video is to represent and showcase not only the store but the family who runs it. The structure and pacing of the video highlights not only the variety of items in the store, but the personal interaction they have with customers. The Parsons were wonderful to work with and I was delighted to learn more about their trade. 

    Jacob Gilbreath
    //Title Design
    //Audio Mixing