Lost Children Reunification System

  • Lost Children Reunification System
  • This project is the result of a year's research into the effects of short term separation anxiety on children who become temporarily separated from their parents at Major Public Events. The system was developed to address two main concerns:

    1. The speed at which parents and children are reunited, and;
    2. The stress and anxiety experienced by both parent and child

  • Children are given a choice of 3 'creatures'. This helps them bond quicker, which in turn reduces stress if they go missing. Research dictated that texture was the most memorable part of transitional objects, so care was taken to use three 
    varying materials.
  • Parental section of the ITO
  • Supplementary Uniform Material. These items are worn by 'Lost Children Wardens' who patrol the event, 
    and assist with reunification.
  • A Lost Children Warden
  • Screening material for the Reunification area