• Multi-F
    Project Partner: Riccardo Belingheri
    Special Thanks: Mirko Carnovali
  • “a ladder, a nightstand, a table, a stool, a desk with its chair. this is “multi-f”, a multifunctional and multifurniture solution created by italian designers riccardo besana and riccardo belingheri. a structure designed in aluminum, light but strong metal, lines folded several times to obtain multiple levels and bases of support. a concept made of two types of plywood, one flat, with steel inserts to fit as needed
    (in fact the shelves assume a different function, from seat to console, depending on how and where they are inserted into the holes in the structure) and a second panel folded as a drawer to hold, store and preserve objects. a piece of furniture versatile and with modern design, able to surprise with the simplicity of shapes and materials.” (The Mag)