The Skinmetal Series

  • This is a personal project of fifteen poster illustrations I've done beginning May and finishing in October.  I had hoped to make this a seven part series that I could screen-print entirely during my internship with Lure Design Inc, but it quickly grew twice the size.   With this project I challanged myself to see how far I can push a vector illustration (a long with a little bit of raster effects), the only rule was that it had to be two colors on black paper.  This project was in a way, a return to drawing like I did during childhood, not so much focusing on the philosophy behind the artwork but just drawing robot-like creatures from my imagination for fun.  

    This being said, some parts of the series are not without deeper meaning.  Through out the series the viewer will notice that I've not kept the typography exclusively to English, as I also create compositions in Chinese, Japanese, Medieval Runes, French, Spanish, Greek, and Latin.  The viewer will find quotes from The Bible, from Hymns, and type relating to Bushido and the Seven Cardinal Virtues.  Though since this series is not meant to be entirely serious, some of the type is there for the fun of it.  I also referenced the artworks of different cultures, most especially architecture.

    Some of the creatures of this series are not new, but they appear in a new form. The Hunter  was first drawn in high school after someone stole my artwork.  The Hunter has been made digital a couple of times, but these were before I knew Illustrator.  The Apotropaic Grotesque is a lavishly decorated version of a small crow-like gargoyle I drew over three years ago.  Pelicanus Gothicus came from a sketch that I did not use for a piece I made three years ago as well.  Missile Breath also came from an old sketch, it was from the first thoughts of making an graffiti-styled screen-print series (you will notice that the graffiti idea was abandoned, though I did make sketches for a "graffiti-bot" the idea was replaced by the  "gundam-esque" Murcielago). The Prince is a remake of a drawing I made last year for the Illustration Student Association (Xysticus Machinamentum).  Lastly, the design concept for Unum is based off of my design for The Graphic Design Student Association t-shirt I made in the fall of 2010.

    NOTE: I am in the process of Screen-printing ALL of these, with the help of Lure Design Inc, I've managed to print nearly half of them all.  They will be up for sale online soon.  In the meantime, you can expect these to appear in art sales at the University of Central Florida.