Adobe Photoshop 25 Under 25

  •      25 under 25 is a project to celebrate adobe’s Photoshop 25th anniversary in which 25 artists will make an art piece in their stablished style using their unique process with the help of photoshop.
    I was ask to participate, I am very honored to be part of this project. For the 25 under 25 piece, I created a landscape full of elements forming a collage. Many of these little details come as a continuation of previous works, I wanted to bring elements from the past along with new treatments and textures that I have not done yet until now. This piece represents the look & feel of the development of my style throughout  the last couple of years.  In commemoration to photoshop's 25th anniversary, I want to celebrate growth and evolution with this creation.
    For more insight about the Project and the rest of the artists please visit @PHOTOSHOP on the Instagram page.
  • The making of this illustration was a fun process from begining to end. As you can see everything started with paper and pencil, doodleing and sketching until it got scanned and turned into visible code, With the help of the computer I was able to jump into Photoshop and make this idea happen. Bellow you can see shots of the process along with a .Gif of the journey. Enjoy!
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