Leitaria Lisboa

    Leitaria Lisboa
    December 19, 2014 – Leitaria Lisboa (Creamery of Lisbon) opens its doors to the public. People of Lisbon can now enjoy a fresh and nostalgic venue that returns to the gold days of Portuguese Creameries right in the heart of the city.
    The creamery itself aspires to recreate and deliver the quality of dairy products. It is supported by a great selection of homemade food that is empowered by healthy values.
    It differentiates itself by delivering an added value experience to its customers and it was my challenge to thrive this sensation through its image.
    The final result is at is simplest a traditional milk bottle coupled with a straw. On the one hand, it targets the same sensation of nostalgia you can feel at the venue together with the feeling of fun and childness that you get from peculiar experiences like this one but, on the other hand, the detail of having a straw allows the logo to materialize and be associated with this specific place – Leitaria Lisboa.
    Blue, white and a bit of red were the colors chosen along the journey. Blue is the sincere, reliable and peaceful side of Leitaria Lisboa. White is the pure and fresh side of its products. Red is the emotional and disruptive concept the brand intends to transmit.
    Nevertheless, the colors and the minimalism associated with the logo give emphasis to the values of purity, simplicity and freshness conceptualized by the identity of the brand. It was my ultimate goal to give prominence to the product, to the venue and its concept.
    As you will see the brand unfolds to the rest of the components with the pattern of the straw, which I found quite interesting due to its feeling of continuous movement.
    Leitaria Lisboa may be considered already a game changer in a city where the fragmented market and the different concepts of pastries and bakeries are completely exhausted and explored
    For me, it is also a game changer in what concerns to the creation of new consumer habits and an affordable but refined lifestyle.
    Developed in Savvy, Pirate Communication
    Photo Credits: Ismael Prata