Tribe | Prosocial Concept

  • Tribe is a prosocial reimagination of Amazon. 
  • Most of us have experienced the difficulty of:
    (1) getting meaningful gifts for friends,
    (2) sharing costs among friends,
    (3) consistently asking room/housemates to pay for common items.
    Amazon is convenient, speedy and sells almost anything. However, it does not help to build communities. 
  • Tribe taps on the power of Amazon and integrates it with social networks to deliver a new retail experience that is focused on others. 
  • Tribe makes it simple to get gifts for others, share costs with friends and create groups that spend together.
  • This project is fuelled by the belief that all great things start small. Through rapidly scalable networks, changes at the intimate level can deliver huge systemic impact. Improving the experience of individuals changes their behavior, which in turn improves society. When societies change for the better, so will the world.
  • I would like to thank Michael Norton, whose TED talk greatly inspired the development of Tribe, and my friends back in Singapore who seeded the idea in me through frequent birthday gift sharing.