Woven Cup Prism

  • Woven Cup Prism
  • The structure is composed purely of 18oz red plastic cups. All are cut in the same fashion and woven together using a variety of methods. The final composition was designed to fit in a 10" x 12" x 12" volume and be structurally stable.

    The project was to design a new material from a large quantity of the same found object. The material had to have its own properties inherent only to itself, while keeping its original form still visible.
  • This is the basic pyramid module of the structure. It is made of three identical cups.
  • These are the preliminary compositions for the project.
  • This was the earliest construction, composed of identically cut aluminum cans and wire ties.
  • This iteration tried to strengthen the can construction by using cardboard tubes in place of the thin aluminum.
  • This structure replaced the longer cardboard tubes with shorter tube-like cups. A preliminary form of weaving was also introduced.
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