• Taproot helps families care for aging parents. It employ connected microsensors to create a private social and technical network to keep families and caregivers connected.
    Taproot adapts to the changing needs of aging parents. Its modularity responds to shifts in parent’s autonomy and need states. By adding new products to the network a-la-carte, Taproot grows with them.
  • I defined the features and key screens.
    The UI mockups were a collaboration between my teammate Angie and me. At that time a transparent-looking UI was trending, I've never tried and I felt elder users would respond better to skeuomophic designs that assembles prints that they've been familiar with. Hence we explored the style here.
  • Instagram will send Caden’s parents a picture of their grandson’s anytime they are identified in photos.
  • If mom's activity level remains low, Taproot will notify Caden and remind him to call her.
  • When Maddox’s Dad completes his To-do List, Maddox can choose a recommended local restaurant from Yelp to invite him to go.
  • Maddox receives notifications when sound remains not detected. If Maddox is out of town, her son will ask for access.
  • Smart pill bottles send out alarms when Mom doesn't take her dosage.
  • Once Madge’s mom needs medication and grocery, Madge will get a notification so she can place the order or pick it up on her way.