Pratt Legend Award 2014

    P R A T T
    L E G E N D
    A W A R D 2 O 1 4
  • Video by Peter Tannenbaum.
  • For the last several years, Pratt’s Department of Industrial Design has worked with the Office of Institutional Advancement on the Legends award design project. This Year My professor Karen Stone chose me to design the Pratt Legend Award. 
        The original concept is inspired by rocks that got shaped by wind, rain, and time representing the dramatic interaction between time and reality. And the idea is to show motion by the contrast between different material. 
  • First the ideation was generated both through clay models and rendering. After several discussion with my professor, we decided to try combing glass and metal to show the contrast between the organicity and cold industrial look. 
  • At Urban Glass. 
  • Thank You.