Lady in the Garden


    Lady in the Garden is a boutique landscape design company, run only by women, located in the North Bay Area focusing in custom gardens for residential spaces. The company name is inspired by the Monet painting.


    To create a full branding system and responsive website highlighting the unique aspects of the types of designs and services offered by the company, such as sustainability and xeric gardens. To stand apart from the competition and appropriate reflect the aesthetic styles the company exhibits.

    The goal was to create an approachable look and feel to accurately represent this small design firm. The logomark needed to be simple but also match that same brand style. Ideally it would reflect the typography to create a harmonious identity, much like a successful landscape design would do to its environment. 


    The art direction overall was heavily inspired by impressionistic aristis such as Monet and Van Gogh. I created a budding flower logo mark, appropriate for the aesthetics as well as the range of work the company does. The flower lends itself to be shown in different phases, great for explaining the process of how the company functions. The typography remained rounded, curved, and soft throughout, elaborating on the feminine aspect of the company. The logo type for "lady in the" was customized and inspired by the mark so they would match one another. The image choices were consistent and reflected a combination of the post-impressionistic inspiration mixed with a style of clean modernity.