• 360 DEGREES
    Grill + Teppanyaki
  • “360Degrees” is an electric barbecue designed for those who don’t have enough space on their balconies to dispose of a gas or charcoal barbecue, in particular in big cities where few have more than six square meters outdoors. The target’ll be composed from all those who have not a huge space available on their terrace but they would like cook outdoor, especially on summer, avoiding smoke and smells in the houses.
    This barbecue can be used in any situation, not only for grilling, and that goes not to clutter up the balcony.
    it’s mounted on the wall and it combines a teppanyaki and a grill so users can cook different foods in different ways, including steaming.
    When is not used, “360 Degrees” can be rotated and covered on the wall so it goes to take up just seventeen cm.