Unfinishable process

  • This work was prepared for a tender call, wihch was meant to celebrate and reinterpret the 70th anniversary of barcodes. 
    My inspiration where wood grains, which are basically natural, readable “codes”. As these grains tell stories about the past, and the length and type of periods, so do barcodes too, and they help us to find the information during our chaotic everyday life. 
    The conscious material use shows  us, the symbolic way how humanity get from nature code reading to developing an own code system. This we can also examine through the change of the used materials. The wood is the primary commodity of paper and this is the most used packaging material which wears on itself barcodes developed by us, to ensure an easy way of moving goods. 
    The object was prepared of solid pine wood and used, thrown away cardboards. As long as the cardboard slices show the attributes of barcodes, the inside gives us the feeling of a 3D QR code. Size: 80 x 35 x15 cm