• About the Cardboard
    Google Cardboard is a fold-out cardboard smartphone mount that, when combined with lenses, a magnet, a piece of hook-and-loop fastener and a rubber band and held against the face, affords a virtual reality experience. A smartphone with stereoscopic display software fits into this device and the lenses allow a person to perceive the images as one single three-dimensional image. The headset is designed by Google, but there is no official manufacturer or vendor for the device. Instead, Google has the list of parts, schematics, and assembly instructions freely available on their website, recommending people assemble one themselves from readily available parts. The hardware was announced at Google I/O 2014.
    My work is a modified version of Google Cardboard. I made it for a contest, announced by MATT (Magyar Tervezőgrafikusok és Tipográfusok társasága | SOCIETY OF HUNGARIAN GRAPHIC DESIGNERS AND TYPOGRAPHERS). Named for TÉR+KÉP (In loan translation means space+image).
    My works philosophy is a contrast of digital and analog visualization. I will explain it with the next pictures.
  • First I made the graphics in 3D space.
  • Now the Cardboard! I needed to change it more durable, and safe. Safe is important, because My smartphone is the stereoscopic display.
  • The 3D digital part is done. After that I created the analog version.
  • Finally, my point in the installation:
    Two different displays, virtual and analog visibility of same graphics
  • Thanks for watching!