The Bookbinding Essentials

    The Bookbinding Essentials

    A self-initiated project, the Bookbinding Essentials is a basic toolkit introducing bare essentials to beginner bookbinders. The package features two binders needles, waxed thread, clamp clips and a hole-pattern reference sheet. 

    The intent of the toolkit design is to serve the economical duality of being both the packaged products and the packaging of the kit itself. The opaque vellum cover for instance, doubles as a transparent hole-pattern reference sheet. It showcases 6 different hole-patterns for introductory book binding methods such as the Japanese stab bind, coptic bind and saddle stitch bind.
    While the clamp clips used for fastening the kit together, double as standard bookbinding tools used for securing paper when stitching or gluing.

    The packet introduces tactile elements that contrast in texture and in opacity to entice a hands-on interaction. Varying paper choices include recycled kraft, textured card stock and vellum; each acting as a tactile divider from page to page. Minimal typographic elements allow the form and textures of the materials to call attention to themselves.

    A small batch of 8 hand-made prototypes were developed and distributed for a private workshop for -ING, a Dubai creative community
    Bookbinding Workshop
    Dubai, Nov 14, 2014
    Workshop Photography by Danilo Aquino

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