Television Program Branding | Title Sequence + Logo

  • Hilary Gaby
    Motion Design Studio 
    Fall 2014
    Television Program Branding:
    create a branding package for a television program, including:
         -logo design
         -logo animation
         -Main Title Sequence (0:30)
         -Bumper (0:05)
    a fictitious television show centered around both the nuclear & natural devastation of 2011 in Fukushima, Japan. The show also touches on the issue of the Japanese government controlling and withholding this information from mainstream media, which was the inspiration for naming and branding the show. 
    The main title sequence uses footage of photography of mostly the aftermath Japan's earthquake and tsunami. The design of the somewhat collage layout of the frames superimposes multiple items to create a surreal landscape, and to set the tone of the show.
  • TV Show Logo
  • TV Bumper still frame w/ animated logo