Quality Differences // Domino's Pizza

  • Domino's Pizza Campaign. 
    "Another quality difference, which makes a difference."
    What differentiates Domino’s pizza from every other pizza is its carefully chosen ingredients,
    which make for her quality difference to other pizzas.
    Each quality difference is illustrated in a simple and fun way and so goes its story. 
    Simple, colorful and humorous.
    The campaign includes posters and the new pizza-box packaging. 
    Advertising Agency: The Newtons Laboratory
    Creative Director: Yiannis Sorotos
    Art Director: Dimitra Karagianni
    Copywriter: Atalanti Liapi
    Illustrator: Dimitra Karagianni
    Thanks a lot to Math Studio for its photography. 
  • We don't like yelling.
    What is the first thing you do when you’re hungry? You yell! And how long can you take it before you start to yell? About 30 minutes. Have you ever wondered how long it takes for a Domino’s pizza to be delivered to you? A bit less than 30 minutes. We don’t like yelling. That’s why we have everything figured.
    And you, always calm.  
  • A European from Aliartos.
    Our tomato sauce is made from tomatoes produced in Aliartos, with no preservatives,
    and is exported in the whole of Europe. We are proud both for the taste of our tomato sauce (which is tested every 4 weeks in Domino’s quality check laboratories) as well as the fact that we take part in supporting both Aliartos’ community and Greek exporting.
  • We say ham. We mean ham.
    Does a crystal glass exist made of…plastic? Of course not. The same goes with ham. Ham is pork coming from the animal’s leg, and no one can baptize other parts of the animal, such as the back or the neck, ham (something which unfortunately happens often). We know that when we say ham, we really do mean ham from fine cured pork and nothing different. And now you know that too.
  • “Feta*” is not feta.
    Sometimes, in some catalogues you will see the word “feta*”.
    The asterisk with lead you (usually with really small letters) to find out that instead of feta cheese, white cheese or cheaper substitutes are used. We, from our salads to our pizzas, only use feta PDO, and never “feta*”.
    Because we know that feta with an asterisk just isn’t real feta. 
  • Someone is proud of peperoni.
    Specialist agree that our recipe for peperoni is one of the best, worldwide. And besides experts, many other countries agree as there is great demand for exporting it.  But what we like the most is that you seem to agree too. Guess when everyone agrees, something is done right.
    So, we have every reason to be proud of our peperoni.
    Taste from another planet.
    Parmigiano-Reggiano. The queen of parmesans. Classy, traditional and mature. We wouldn’t settle with anything less than tastes which travel to space. Literally. In a mission to space an astronaut chose to board with him a piece of Parmigiano-Reggiano. In our pizzas we only use ingredients which take you to space. 
  • The way nature created it.
    Could you ever imagine the olive fruit not maturing on the holy tree? We’re sure the question seems rhetorical. As it does to us. Each of our ripe olives grows in the same way it has for over 10.000* years now, the way nature intended it. On the tree and without the process of maturing ever being speeded up with any means (to lower the cost). That’s the only way to enjoy the true flavor of the Greek olive, the best in the Mediterranean.
    * Wild olives have been hand-picked by the people of the Late Stone Age since 8,000 B.C..
  • The traditional dough tastes different. 
    Frozen dough, when the rules of the cooling chain are followed properly, meets every rule of hygiene. So some might say that technology has an answer for every question. Except maybe…one. “What can be compared with the fresh?”. As far as we’re concerned, nothing! That’s why we use fresh, traditional pizza dough compared with no other so that you enjoy the taste that compares with no other. 
  • Our dough needs its sleep.
    In Domino’s we get tired so that our pizza dough… doesn’t. We leave the dough to rest for at least 24 hours before we begin to flatten it smoothly, always by hand so it doesn’t get destroyed. Only in that way does the dough’s natural essence and taste emerge. The original taste which makes it so special.