Still The Same

  • An Existence illuminated by data.

  • Objective: Create a self portrait of yourself in data, include four elements: Timeline, Map, Quantity, Percentage. Final output is to be a 22" x 17" poster.

    Process: Throughout this project I really wanted to capture the essence of my existence. Upon further inspection, each section delves deeper into my experiences, and uncovers interesting things about my life. The vivid colors show a flash of my personality, as I indented to keep the mood light and happy even while I was representing sad or serious information. The data is important because without fully understanding it, you cannot fully understand me. The title: Still The Same, But So Much Has Changed, speaks to everyone and all the experiences that have shaped our lives. We all are born, and as we age, we learn and grow and discover what is really important in our lives. This data is very important to my life and has shaped the person I am today.