Ma[r]king - Architecture Dissertation Book

  • MA[r]KING - Threads of an Architecture of Slow Time
    The Master's in Architecture dissertation contained within this bound document aimed to develop an approach to place-making, through which architecture would respond to place, rather thatn being imposed upon it. The aim of the archtectural project was to understand and interpret a palimpsestual context, reading place and its various identities and narratives, ultimately forging a deep connection with time - time present, and past.
    The architecture was concerned with presencing 'slow' time, through the use of various materials, spatial constructs and programme. This 'slow' time is essentially conceived of the time is takes for clouds to form - natural time - artisnal time.
    This book intends to enhance the quality of the work it contains, through employing a similar artisnal mode of practice. This book is hand-bound, ultimately implying that the process of doing so is far richer than that provocated by globalised consumer culture.
    Smaller in scale so as not to impart any disturbances on the main document, acting in support of it.
    The size of this document measures at 25 x 19cm [9.8 x 7.4in]. This makes it easy to handle, resting comfortable in the hands of the reader. The binding method in return allows for an easy process of reading, as pages are tightly and rigidly bound, but not too stiff.