»NICHT JETZT« Magazine about SHARING

  • »nicht jetzt!« is a student magazine written, photographed, illustrated, designed and published by students of the department for design at the Hamburg University of Applied Sciences (HAW). After the three previous issues »Kinder« (children), »Geld« (money), and »Geschmack« (taste), the theme of the fourth issue is ‘Teilen’, which is the German word for both sharing and splitting. 

    The 168-page double issue is divided into two sections: ‘share’ and ‘split’. In “share” you can find, amongst other things, a joint interview with design collectives, but also an article about places where people share sexual partners.The second part »split« touches upon the subject of elite education through sperm banking, everyday life in the religiously divided city of Sarajevo and that of a “banana«, which is what German-Chinese are being called in China.

    When put together, the 784 different covers form a large image of an embryonic division.
  • Group Members: 
    Teresa Baier, Jasmin Baltres, Jennifer David, Fabian Greve, Søren Koswig, Janina Lentföhr, Dom Odenkirchen, Anne Stiefel, Simon Weize, Jana Blumendeller, Merle Düpmeier, Justus Düsenberg, Christina Gnatzy, Peter Kaden, Ines Könitz, Lara Kothe, Hanna Osen 

    Published by:
    Prof. Stefan Stefanescu
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